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Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz

Online Safety Hub

Engaging and supporting your school community to help build a positive digital culture

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Online Safety Hub.

Read on to discover how an Online Safety Hub can help build a positive digital culture in your school community.

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Introducing the Online Safety Hub

Children are increasingly living online, yet many parents and teachers are struggling to have conversations with children about their online experience, let alone give children the guidance they need to make intelligent online decisions. 

Empower your community and support parents with a Linewize Online Safety Hub.

The Hub allows your school to take a leadership position on online safety and easily provide the advice and support your school community needs.

Developed in conjunction with leading cyber safety experts, ySafe, the Hub is filled with how-tos and practical information designed to help your parents and your teachers to navigate the complexities of the online world.

If you're interested in an Online Safety Hub for your school community, complete the form below, and we will be in touch with more information. 


Each Hub Includes

Cyber Safety Information

Information for parents and teachers on key cyber safety topics such as cyberbullying, gaming and screen time.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on dealing with cyber incidents such as reporting

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Social Media Deep-Dives

In-depth information on popular social media and gaming platforms, including TikTok, Minecraft and Instagram.

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Free Parental Control Tools for Use at Home

Free access to tools that allow parents to monitor and control their child's online activity on personal devices.

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Curriculum-Linked Online Safety Lesson Plans

All teaching and learning resources are built into the program, including guidance and support for staff that are linked to curriculums.

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School Branding

Each portal is unique to the school, adding your school logos & colours to your version of the hub for ease of parent use.

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HubSpot Video

The Parent Area

Turn parents into online safety partners

Parents need tools, support, and education to take an active role in their child's digital development.

The Parent Area provides a wealth of online safety resources - such as digital parenting guides, app reviews and articles - developed by our team of leading digital safety and wellbeing experts. Plus, access to free parental control tools to help keep children safe while using their personal devices.

The hub empowers parents to take an active role in teaching their children about online safety and is a central place for your school community's online safety needs and questions.

The Staff Area

Support teacher development

Building confidence and capability in school staff is critical for improving student digital safety and wellbeing and building a positive digital culture.

Our dedicated Staff Area supports teacher development through up-to-date resources, guides, blogs and curriculum-linked lesson plans. It also features easy-to-share content for school social media channels and newsletters - helping keep online safety top of mind in your school community.

HubSpot Video

The Online Safety Hub is fantastic. If any parents have concerns about a safety issue, the staff have resources to refer to, and they can also guide parents to look at the hub.

Ben Milward, Deputy Headmaster
St George's School

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