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Linewize Cyber Safety Checklist for a New School Term

The beginning of each term brings several items that need reviewing to ensure Linewize tools are optimised for your learning environments. Our Australian Education Specialist Team has outlined the key areas of review for all the Linewize tools. We are aware that several schools are in and out of remote learning, which presents additional challenges to effective teaching and ...

Meet Matt, the latest member of your New Zealand Team

Matt joins us from Glen Eden Intermediate and brings with him a wealth of teaching experience, first-hand knowledge of the Linewize tools and a real passion for digital learning and online safety. 

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Making Sense of Red Flags - Interpreting Alerts

It’s easy to sit in an office at the end of the day and worry about what your students are doing online. The only people who know what students are up these days are those young people themselves. And chances are they are not likely to ...

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Online Safety Self-Review for Schools

Finding time to stop and reflect on approaches to online safety and wellbeing can be a challenge. With so many competing priorities, pausing to do an in-depth review can seem impossible. To help your school overcome barriers to reflection ...

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Reflecting and Reviewing Your Cyber Safety Efforts - Term Two Catch-up

Pauline & Toni from the NZ Customer Success team discuss ways you can review your cyber safety efforts and help you identify the broader issues happening in your school. Term 1 is usually when systems and processes are established so Term ...

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Our Red Flags Have a New Look and Feel - Here's What's New

Red Flags - What are they and why are they valuable for student safety and wellbeing?

Meet Ana, the newest addition to your New Zealand Team

Ana Morrison has recently joined the Linewize New Zealand team as an Account Manager. Ana comes from a background in the tech industry and was drawn to Linewize after reading the startling statistics regarding the types of content New ...

Make the Most of Linewize by Speaking with your Aussie Education Team

As part of our commitment to supporting schools in conducting safe and focussed learning, we have expanded our Australian Education Team. Our growing team is here to ensure all our Aussie schools are getting the maximum benefit from their ...

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Achieving Online Safety Through Community Involvement - Term One Catch-up

In the video below, Pauline & Toni discuss some of the key actions your school can undertake to enhance community engagement around online safety.

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How-To: Update your School Community Platform Calendar

When students are not at school, you need to ensure that school filtering rules are not being applied to personal devices. You can control these settings in the School Community Platform (SCP) calendar.

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