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Engaging & Educating Your School Community in Online Safety

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Community Connect Event

Engaging & Educating Your School Community in Online Safety

Community Connect is an impactful, parent & staff event for all schools in your cluster. Our Community Engagement Specialists will support your school leaders as they share challenges they see in school and then unpack the risks and complexities young people face online. Filled with practical tips, strategies and follow-up resources, Community Connect will help ensure tangible outcomes on the day-to-day challenges your wider school community is facing online. 

By engaging, educating and empowering your whole school community you provide peace of mind for families and help reduce the burden online challenges can place on your staff.

If you would like to learn more about these events, please fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch.

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What our Community Connect Events provide

  • Build community resilience through meaningful dialogue and positive conversations about the internet
  • Help parents gain insights & more actively participate in protecting their children online lives
  • Provide peace of mind for concerned parents
  • Educate parents about online environments
  • Help scaffold challenging conversations
  • Embed family values & boundaries
  • Clearly define the duty of care
  • Send a strong message regarding the school’s commitment to online safety
  • Reduce the online challenges negatively impacting your school community
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