The Naked Truth

Discussing image-based abuse among Kiwi students
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Linewize & Netsafe Present:

The Naked Truth

A panel discussion about online relationships & nudes and their impact on students and schools.

Delivered as part of Netsafety Week 2021, our panel of experts explored challenging aspects of online relationships between New Zealand students and provided practical guidance to assist school communities in managing the issues. The ultimate goal of this event, and the Netsafety Week initiative, is to help ‘Make Aotearoa Safer Online’.

This is a free on-demand webinar event for educators. 

Topics of discussion:

  1. What relationships look like for Kiwi students today 
  2. Sexting and image-based abuse
  3. Proactive approaches for supporting young people

Expert Panel

Andrew Cowie

Education and Schools Team Manager


Mika Taito

Director of Student Services

Auckland Grammar School

Pauline Spence

Community Success Specialist

Linewize by Family Zone

Bryan Ward

Senior Constable

New Zealand Police


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