Engaging and supporting your school community

Tools, education and resources for your entire school community

Support the parent community, students and teachers with cyber safety tools, education material and advice

Demonstrate your commitment to well-being and cyber safety

Send a strong signal and demonstrate leadership to the parent community on the importance of cyber safety.

Access up to date and relevant cyber expert advice and materials

Linewize's world renowned cyber experts support your community with evidence based, practical advice

Encourage parental engagement

Linewize Community allows you to invite parents to participate in their child’s cyber safety and support their digital journeys.

The centrepiece of Community is your school's

Cyber Safety Hub

The Cyber Safety Hub allows your school to take a leadership position on cyber safety and easily provide the advice and support your school community needs.

Developed in conjunction with leading cyber safety experts, ySafe, the Cyber Safety Hub is filled with how-tos and practical information designed to help your parent community navigate the complexities of the online world.

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Turn your parents into cyber safety partners

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“The Cyber Safety Hub is fantastic along with the webinars that are available to parents around the clock. If any parents have concerns about a safety issue, the staff have resources to refer to and they can also guide parents to look at the hub.”

Ben Milward
Deputy Headmaster, St George's School