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Filtering and Reporting

Part of our Linewize Connect - all in one platform.
Highly configurable tools that help students be safe and focused with the flexibility to learn and explore. 

Our filtering & reporting - Highlights

Powerful reporting

Interactive dashboards, live & scheduled reports, drill-downs and alerts provide complete visibility.

Easy configuration

Designed for end users, allows non-technical staff to easily manage filtering, alerts and guest access.

Highest standards in student data privacy

Maintains the highest ethical standards with no less than three international student privacy accreditations. 

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Linewize Filtering - Watch at a glance

Key benefits

Advanced network, policy and filter management:

Granular filtering for groups, users and devices

Comprehensive device filtering allows schools to restrict student access to websites based on group membership, category, time of day and network location.

Filtering agents for managed devices: Windows, MacOS, iOS and Chromebook

Ensures devices are protected on any network with filtering agents on take-home Windows, Mac and Chromebooks. 

Real-time monitoring and alerting

Provides monitoring and alerting for all network sizes. Dashboards and drill-down reports analyse network usage & ensure policy compliance. Enables fast creation of executive summaries for different stakeholders. 

SSL inspection

Smart inspection with granular controls. Monitors, controls and filters secure web traffic at scale. Reliable SSL decryption and policy control without degrading network performance. 


Cloud based, customisable and cost effective:

VPN blocking

Stop students from bypassing school filtering policy by blocking the use of VPNs, peer-to-peer networking apps and anonymous proxy servers. Machine-learning constantly at work in the background, scanning and detecting signatures and deceptive behaviour.

SafeSearch and YouTube controls

Force SafeSearch to block inappropriate media in search and YouTube. Granular controls to manage how SafeSearch and YouTube controls are enforced, including groups and individual users.

Cloud filtering

Compliance on all networks, with agents connecting to your local directory service (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory) or directly to your cloud services (e.g. Google Directory, Azure AD).

Powerful reporting across networks and on all devices:

Behaviour and threat detection

Real-time wellbeing monitoring checks on student activity whether on or off school network. Suspicious and dangerous behaviours are identified and configurable alerts sent in real-time to mitigate self-harm, potential bullying or malicious plans.

Student analytics and reporting

Powerful insights and analytics, including live reports, dashboards, and drill-down user and device activity. Enables fact based conversations with students to reinforce expected behaviour.

Hotspot control

Have consistent rules across networks –including hotspotting at school. Enforce school policy on all managed devices on any network, keeping children safe and on-task.


Maintain compliance:

Native directory integration

Use across G-suite, Azure and Microsoft Active Directory. 

Sync with local and/or cloud-based directory services

Integrate with your WIFI network and domain controllers and connect to your local and cloud directory service. 

What our customers say

Video case studies:


st john apostle

Simon Dundan


The biggest benefit of School Manager filtering for me is the alerts and detailed reports I get in my inbox on what kids are searching for and what's being blocked at an individual student level

St John the Apostle


Cassie Jensen

ICT & Digital Technologies Leader and STEM Teacher

We knew that the risk are there and things were starting to slip under the filtering services we had. That's how we started, our Linewize journey. Now we can better protect the kids and support them. Not only by avoiding explicit content, but also by helping them stay focused when they're online and teach them important habits.

St Roch’s Parish Primary School, Glen Iris



Derek Champion

Acting Deputy Head, Pastoral Care

Linewize is great because we get timely reports that allows us to act in a timely fashion, and work with the student to ensure that that sort of behaviour doesn't continue. Getting the right information at the right time, to the right people is vitally important because digital behaviours and risks can be very serious and they can escalate quickly.

Shore School

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