Linewize Pulse

Gives better visibility of wellbeing levels across the school, including students in need of rapid intervention.

Linewize Pulse enables schools to:

Have visibility across all year levels

Gives school leaders visibility of wellbeing across the school, years and classes, highlighting areas where students feel they need more support.

Gain student feedback to inform better decision-making

Regular student check-ins provide data to support planning, resource allocation and all round decision making.

Identify students who need help

Provides an opportunity for students to speak up if they need help and supports targeted and rapid interventions, where necessary.

Pulse - Watch at a glance

Key benefits

Take action with real-time data:

Actionable insights

Get insights into a student's current wellbeing. Translate data into an appropriate and early intervention. Track improvement over time. 

Instant snapshots

Get an instant snapshot into school-wide wellbeing. Drill down and identify hotspots across year groups or classes. 

Access wellbeing resources

Take a holistic approach towards improving wellbeing by providing staff and parents with the relevant resources they need to support students. Over 150 evidence-based Character Lab resources including wellbeing tips and playbooks are available within Pulse.


Identify and support students who need help:

Regular student check-ins

Fun and easy checkins encourage students to reflect on their mental, social and physical wellbeing by answering evidence-based questions. 

Reach vulnerable students who don't speak up

Provides students with a safe and accessible way to reach out for help, starting wtih a simple question: 'how are you feeling today?' 

Help from a trusted adult

When a student flags that they need help, Linewize Pulse will connect them with a trusted teacher, school leader or administrator of their choosing. 

A community-wide wellbeing solution to support every student:

Access to wellbeing resources 

Take a holistic approach towards improving wellbeing by providing staff and parents with the relevant resources they need to support students.

Wellbeing teams

Wellbeing teams can access their whole school or classroom sentiment and historical student check-in data to identify patterns and address issues before they become problems.

More efficient teacher time

Teachers get a simple way to connect with students who need early intervention and so use their time more effectively.  


Pulse's impact



got the support needed through the 'I need help' feature


weekly check-ins

have placed students on the 'wellbeing radar'



seen across global Pulse check-ins


of students

who needed help reached out the first time they used Pulse

What our customers say

Video case studies:


Kylie Power

Deputy Principal

Pulse is one of our school’s selling points and makes us stand out. Parents ask us about 'this Pulse thing you do every Tuesday' and we explain it. The parents are grateful that, as a school, we are actually asking their children how they are travelling each week.

Iona College


Dr. Nicole Archard

Former Principal

I love Pulse. I can see where every child is at with their wellbeing and that is very powerful. The wellbeing and learning data it helps us gather really helps us see if our programs are making a difference.

Loreto College, Maryatville


Jesse Manners

Leader of Wellbeing / Year Advisor

We can now assess the positive mental health, prevention, and also the wellbeing interventions that we provide to students. We can actually track the effects of what we're doing. We can look back and say 'yes, that was a great intervention'.

St Philip's Christian College, Gosford

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