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Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz

Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz



Keeping students safe and focused with the flexibility to explore

Enforce school policy on and off the school network

Ensure school acceptable use policy is enforced both on and off the school network

Reduce off-task activity and distractions

Reduce off-task activity, distractions and misbehaviour through fine grained signatures and intelligent filtering

Access a vast signature inventory

Access a vast signature inventory for end-user driven, and point & click, policy enforcement

Leverage advanced filtering technologies

Layer 7 filtering for groups, users and devices incorporating DPI, SSL, cloud and on-premise filtering

Designed for easy administration

Designed for end-users, School Manager allows non-technical staff to easily manage filtering, alerts and guest access

Powerful reporting & alerting tools

Interactive dashboards, live & scheduled reports, drill-downs and alerts provide complete transparency

Advanced network, policy and filter management

Cost-effective. Cloud-based. Customisable.

Powerful reporting across networks and on all devices

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“The Linewize ecosystem is unique in providing a complete end-to-end solution for schools in terms of duty of care and educational outcomes, with the addition of community engagement and support.”

Yugon Chobanoff
IT Director, John XXIII College