Safer Students at Home

Supporting Student Wellbeing During Remote Learning

With many schools returning to remote learning, Linewize is able to help school communities through our Safer Students at Home Program - supporting schools to ensure the safety & wellbeing of students learning at home, and addressing the concerns of parents.

What is the Safer Students at Home Program?

All-day, any network protection for school-managed and BYOD devices, including all laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and school Google accounts.

Delivered via schools, this program aims to provide students with a safe and learning-focussed home environment by allowing schools and parents to monitor and protect all student devices, so they are safe on any network, including home wifi. This combats the increased dangers and distractions students are exposed to as a result of remote learning, minimising harm and maximising focus when it's time to learn.

Schools - In many cases, schools can deploy protection to school-managed devices over the internet, even if they are already at home with students.
Parents - Can easily start monitoring and protecting BYOD in just a few simple steps. Our unique 'Community' platform allows effective collaboration for a measurable impact.

Existing Linewize customers with off-network filtering, click here to book a free technical consultation to optimise your settings for remote learning.

Are you a Google school?

We can provide 24/7 protection for school Google accounts - instant protection for students on any Chromebook, Windows or MacOS device when they use their school-supplied Google account.

How do I register my school's interest?

Please fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch to explore your options.


We have compiled a number of resources to assist your remote learning programs, including webinars from renowned cyber experts, John Parsons & Jordan Foster and school success stories.



Safer Students at Home Program

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