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Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz

Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz

Linewize School Manager

Education-focused filter and reporting platform

Maintain duty of care and implement wellbeing and digital citizenship programs.

Depth of visibility

Provide staff with a deep understanding of student online behaviour and alerting of issues such as cyberbullying, violence and self-harm.

Control in the right hands

Non-technical staff can easily manage filtering and alerts to receive timely insight and initiate rapid intervention.

Complete picture of student online behaviour

Understand trends and patterns in behaviour and device use to ensure your students are guided towards effective use of technology.

Safe and effective student digital learning

Flexible filtering and rules deliver perfectly shaped learning environments for each individual student.

On and off-network filtering and reporting

Ensure your students are safe and on-track no matter what network they are connected to.

All devices protected at all times

Seamless protection for devices including PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, TVs and more.

Features designed to expand your platform options

Streamline administrative tasks

Policy enforcement on all student devices

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“The Linewize ecosystem is unique in providing a complete end-to-end solution for schools in terms of duty of care and educational outcomes, with the addition of community engagement and support.”

Yugon Chobanoff
IT Director, John XXIII College