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Linewize School Manager

Advanced network, policy and filter management

Maintain duty of care and implement wellbeing and digital citizenship programs.

Support for all devices at all times

Seamless administration for devices including PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, TVs and more

Places control in the right hands

School Manager allows non-technical staff to easily manage filtering, alerts and guest access

Comprehensive Microsoft integration

Integrate with Microsoft domain controllers via WMI, Active Directory and Azure

Complete Google integration

Integrations with G-Suite and Classroom for identity management, accessing Google services and authentication

Support for multiple authentication methods

Supports authentication methods including, Google OAUTH, Azure, Local Directory via WMI, Authentication agents, RADIUS and more

Wireless network integration

Integrations with network domain controller's RADIUS server

Features designed to expand your platform options

Streamline administrative tasks

Policy enforcement on all student devices

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“The Linewize ecosystem is unique in providing a complete end-to-end solution for schools in terms of duty of care and educational outcomes, with the addition of community engagement and support.”

Yugon Chobanoff
IT Director, John XXIII College