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Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz

Browsing from New Zealand? Head to your local site www.linewize.co.nz

Get the Pulse on
Student Wellbeing

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The leading Australian-made
student wellbeing check-in,
is now part of the Linewize
family of products.

Linewize is dedicated to supporting and protecting every student’s digital journey to help improve learning and wellbeing outcomes. Working closely with school communities like yours, we identified that with deeper insights into student wellbeing, and a vehicle for student voice, we can further elevate those positive outcomes.

Adding ei Pulse to our ecosystem of digital wellbeing solutions provides you with another powerful vehicle for insight into your students’ wellbeing. Jordan Foster, Chief of Education & Wellbeing at Linewize, explains more below.

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 We’re inviting you to get in touch

To learn how Pulse streamlines your ability to understand wellbeing for individual students, cohorts, and your entire school and enables the implementation of faster and better wellbeing initiatives, get in touch here or read on to discover more. 

Meet ei Pulse

ei Pulse helps schools identify and support students in need with early intervention. Using fun and easy 60-second weekly check-ins, ei Pulse connects educators with how students are feeling in real-time and gives students a voice and agency in managing their wellbeing.

Get the Pulse on Student Wellbeing in 60 seconds a week.

Check-in on your students

Check-in on your students

Fun and easy 60-second weekly check-ins encourage students to reflect on their mental, social and physical wellbeing by answering evidence-based questions.

Take action with real-time data

Take action with real-time data

Get insights into your students’ current wellbeing, translate data into early intervention and track changes over time for continuous improvement.

Support students-1

Identify and support students in need

Provide students with a safe and accessible way to reach out for help.


Encourage gratitude

Encourage students to be supportive of each other and lift each other up with the ei Pulse gratitude feature.

Used by hundreds of schools

Hear from school and wellbeing leaders as they discuss how Pulse has transformed their wellbeing approaches.

“Pulse will pick up on things that you can’t see as easily.”

Ben Peacock, St Philip's Christian College

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Be a part of
a wellbeing revolution

Book a 15 minute demo to see how ei Pulse can transform wellbeing in your school. It is so simple to use and understand, that 15 minutes is all you’ll need!

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Guide to Whole School Wellbeing

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