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Get the pulse on student wellbeing in 60 seconds a week

Engage students with a Pulse check-in & help those that need rapid intervention.


Hundreds of schools using ei Pulse by Linewize have seen:


students supported through the "I need help" feature

2.3 million+

weekly check-ins that put students on the 'wellbeing radar'


student engagement with ei Pulse weekly check-ins


of students who needed help, reached out the first time they used Pulse

Check-in on your students

Fun and easy 60-second weekly check-ins encourage students to reflect on their mental, social and physical wellbeing by answering evidence-based questions.

During each check-in, students are asked 5 randomised evidence-based questions from the ARACY framework, starting with a simple yet crucial question, “How are you feeling today?”.


Identify and support students in need

Provide students with a safe and accessible way to reach out for help.

When a student flags that they need help, ei Pulse by Linewize will connect them with a trusted teacher, school leader, or administrator of their choosing.

Take action with real-time data

Get insights into your students’ current wellbeing, translate data into early intervention and track changes over time for continuous improvement.

An instant snapshot into school-wide wellbeing, down to individual students, enables you to reach out to students in need.


Encourage gratitude

Encourage students to be supportive of each other and lift each other up with the ei Pulse by Linewize gratitude feature.

After students complete their check-in, the platform prompts them to give a shout-out to a fellow student or a staff member.

Access wellbeing resources

Take a holistic approach towards improving wellbeing by providing staff and parents with the relevant resources they need to support students.

Over 150 evidence-based Character Lab resources including wellbeing tips and playbooks are available within ei Pulse.


A community-wide wellbeing solution

to support every student

School leaders

get a quick snapshot into the overall health of their school, and get ahead of the wellbeing curve

Wellbeing teams

can access their whole school or classroom sentiment and historical student check-in data to identify patterns and address issues before they become problems.


have a super simple way to connect with students who need early intervention and  use their time more effectively.  

The leading Australian-made student wellbeing check-in,
is now part of the Linewize
family of products.