eSafety Commissioner Issues a Challenge to Schools

March 4, 2020

Australia's eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, has stated that the Australian school system is "fragmented", and lacking consistent and comprehensive education and training in online safety. Furthermore, she suggested that school technology bans won't solve student cyber safety issues. And we agree with her.

Julie Inma Grant eSafety Commissioner

"Whether you're bringing your own device to school or devices are prepared, what we need to be setting down is school policies [on] acceptable use." - Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner

Family Zone Education has long been championing the belief that true cyber safety requires an environment in which technology, education and the community interlock and interact. And that schools need to provide a comprehensive solution capable of protecting and guiding every child in their care. That means getting buy-in right across the school community: from staff, students and parents alike. Ms Inman Grant agrees this is a challenge for schools,

"Where I think it gets a little trickier is what kind of influence the schools have when kids are at home using their own devices or on Fortnite. Cyberbullying and youth image-based abuse are peer-to-peer abuses, and so basically an extension of conflict happening within the schoolyard that spills over after hours. Is that the school's responsibility?
It's fraught, it's challenging. But in my view, just banning devices is not going to get rid of the problems."

Ms Inman Grant raises an issue we've been working hard to help solve for schools through the development of a powerful combination of technology, education and engagement. We call this the Linewize Education Partner School Program.

Our program delivers a comprehensive approach combining our full suite of technologies with the experience of Cyber Experts and the dedicated support of our specialist School Community Engagement team. This combination is your best guarantee of a successful online-safety program.


Linewize's comprehensive approach to student cyber safety 

Our solution encourages collaboration between parents and schools to view, monitor and manage student access to online environments in any setting, on any network, and across all devices. Helping establish healthy routines to support positive behaviour for learning. The program ensures students are protected at school, at home and everywhere in between and sets them on the path to safe and responsible digital citizenship. Or in other words, true cyber safety.

If you would like to learn more about our truly unique Partner School Program CLICK HERE to book a short online consultation with one of our education experts, we'd be happy to discuss your cyber safety challenges and ambitions.

Discover how Comet Bay College created a comprehensive cyber safety ecosystem

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