Classwize Launches as a Standalone Tool

We have renamed and relaunched our classroom internet management tool. Classroom Manager is now called Linewize Classwize and is available to schools as a part of our full suite of cyber safety tools, or as a standalone product.

Linewize Classwize gives classroom control back to teachers by providing them with screen visibility and control of all devices in class, including BYOD and personal devices. 

Classwize allows teachers to - 

  • View real-time internet, app and video usage
  • View students' screens
  • Focus students on specific lesson resources
  • Focus the class, restricting access to specific sites or apps
  • Initiate temporary overrides
  • Reward students by allowing limited time access to sites normally blocked
  • Full support across Chromebooks, Windows and Apple Macbooks.

Classwize can be added to your current Linewize subscription. If you would like to speak with our education experts about using Classwize in your school please fill out the form below and we'll be in contact.



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