How-To: Control VPN usage by students at your school

We are seeing many students using VPNs to bypass school network filtering. Linewize can help you detect usage and steer students towards responsible internet use.


As technology gets smarter, so do students.

A simple Google search can connect students to hundreds of VPN services, many of which are free to use. Whether it is a clear intent to bypass school filtering systems, or simply because an older sibling or friend encouraged them, the reality is the same - the ease of these services means that students can bypass your school network filtering and gain access to limitless amounts of distraction. It also opens a door to all the risky sites and apps your filters have been set to block - gaming, adult content, social media, literally nothing is off-limits. Students bypassing school filtering threatens your school’s ability to maintain duty of care and undermines learning outcomes. And of course, it multiplies distractions.

How can you prevent VPN usage at your school?

Not only does the Linewize platform give you access to tools to help prevent students from using VPNs to get around your filtering rules. You can also implement consequences to help steer and guide your students in understanding how to responsibly use the internet at school. To find more about Linewize’s VPN tools, watch the video below.

HubSpot Video

Why should I use these features?

Cyber safety is not really about technology; it's about student wellbeing. And with the world becoming ever more digital, this presents a multitude of new challenges for admins, wellbeing & pastoral care staff. The Linewize platform allows for student internet visibility and delivery of timely reports and insights into the hands of the right staff. This helps ensure at-risk students do not go unnoticed and the opportunities to provide suitable student care and guidance are identified.

Getting the most from your Linewize solution

If you would like to ensure your school community is receiving the maximum benefit from your Linewize solution, please reach out to your account manager or contact us here and we'll be in touch. 

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