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Eating Disorders in Independent Schools: Spotting the digital cues

Eating disorders can significantly impact a student's wellbeing and academic achievement. It is crucial that schools support parents in spotting any signs of children with a problem. This can be challenging. Digital safeguarding technology can identify student concerns as they emerge and help schools to take action as soon as possible.

Self-harm in Australian Independent Schools – Spotting signs of risk

Self-harm has become a significant problem, with rates among children showing a worrying trend. The Growing up in Australia study, conducted in partnership with three Australian Government departments, has found that around one in three ...

Digital Safeguarding Technology in Independent Schools: Helping maintain academic excellence

Implementing an effective digital safeguarding technology system within your school can transform academic performance and student outcomes.  

digital learning | digital wellbeing | digital safeguarding | digital safety
Digital Safeguarding and Stress – How to spot silent sufferers before it impacts learning outcomes

Stress levels in independent school students have never been higher. An immense amount of pressure is felt by pupils competing to achieve the highest accolades. Immersed in cohorts of students all striving for the top, whether it’s to be ...

Cyber Safety | online safety | huggy wuggy | viral content
Cyber Safety Alert: Huggy Wuggy - What it is and how schools can respond

A razor-toothed teddy bear character, known as Huggy Wuggy, has been appearing in videos that could upset younger children. While there is no need for panic, police have been warning parents and schools to be vigilant of younger children ...

Cyber Safety | classroom management | schools | online safety | Policy
Co-constructing online safety agreements with students

Having students sign agreements around how they will use and not use online spaces and digital devices has long been common practice in schools/kura. Beyond simply being a ‘one size fits all’ tool for compliance, agreements about how ...

digital citizenship | online safety | curriculum
Including online safety in learning: NZ Curriculum

With the release of the New Zealand Ministry of Education's National Education Learning Priorities, there is now a clear alignment of online safety, wellbeing and safe learning spaces, prioritising its development within schools and kura.

Cyber Safety | Mobile Apps | classroom management | digital learning | e-learning
Managing the risks of e-learning resources in your school

E-learning resources offer schools/kura incredible opportunities to enhance student learning with an abundance of exciting applications and platforms to use. While the benefits are clear, it can be easy to overlook the risks of e-learning ...

digital wellbeing
What schools can learn from ‘The Facebook Files’

Over the course of the past month, the Wall Street Journal has published an investigative journalism series, The Facebook Files, revealing some of the serious harm the company’s products (including Facebook-owned Instagram) causes users ...

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