August 4, 2021 Cyber Safety | online safety | Staff | Policy
New Zealand Schools Online Safety Policy Guidance

The New Zealand Ministry of Education requires all schools and kura to develop and regularly review school policies. Policies form the foundations of a school’s operation and identify key obligations. They state a school’s commitment to ...

May 19, 2021 online safety
Online Safety Self-Review for Schools

With so many competing priorities for schools, finding time to reflect on approaches to online safety and wellbeing is challenging. To help your school overcome barriers preventing reflection, we have created a simple Online Safety ...

March 19, 2021 schools | online pornography | sexual assault | violence | consent
How online porn is fuelling sexual violence in our schools

It started with a simple question: “Have you or has anyone close to you experienced sexual assault from someone who went to an all-boys school?”

March 19, 2021 Cyber Safety | New Zealand | Pornography | digital wellbeing
InternetNZ study uncovers concerns around student experiences online

Internet NZ has released findings from their New Zealand’s Internet Insights 2020 study, and New Zealanders are expressing real concern around young people and their experiences online.

February 22, 2021 remote learning | online safety | digital wellbeing
COVID crisis highlights need for greater focus on student online safety

Practically overnight, the pandemic forced our school communities to transition to new modes of teaching and learning. With remote instruction now firmly established as part of the new normal, student cyber safety has emerged as an urgent ...

February 3, 2021 School Manager | how-to | community
School Online Safety Success Planner

Schools are busy places with so many competing priorities, when it comes to online safety, it can be hard to know what to do and when. To help with this, Linewize has created the Online Safety Success Planner.

November 24, 2020 Cyber Safety | wellbeing | well-being | online learning | community | parental engagement
Engaging your parent community in cyber safety, here are our 6 tips

The last few years have demonstrated how important the internet is to modern-day life. Across the world, it became our main workplaces, social spaces, and classrooms. With students spending more time at home and online, it meant more ...

November 18, 2020 partner school program | wellbeing | digital wellbeing | News | whānau | ministry of education | families
School & family partnerships the key to addressing student wellbeing

The New Zealand Ministry of Education has stated the wellbeing of young people and partnerships between schools and families as key priorities. We discuss what this means for schools’ approaches to digital learning and student online ...

November 4, 2020 School Manager | how-to
How-To: Control VPN usage by students at your school

We are seeing many students using VPNs to bypass school network filtering. Linewize can help you detect usage and steer students towards responsible internet use.

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