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Managing the risks of e-learning resources in your school

E-learning resources offer schools/kura incredible opportunities to enhance student learning with an abundance of exciting applications and platforms to use. While the benefits are clear, it can be easy to overlook the risks of e-learning resources for students in the school’s excitement to try something new.

Just as teachers would assess and mitigate possible risks when taking students off school grounds, careful consideration should apply before implementing resources for learning. Despite how they might appear, not all e-learning resources are safe for use in schools. It is imperative to understand why a particular resource is chosen, how it will be used, and what steps are in place to ensure everyone's safety, privacy and wellbeing.

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To help schools evaluate the suitability of proposed e-learning resources, we have developed a tool to help identify and minimise risks in these resources. Embedding our E-learning Risk Management Template into your school process ensures expectations around the safe and appropriate use of online spaces are clear and understood by everyone.

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Linewize products help schools manage e-learning resource risks

Linewize’s School Manager helps ensure schools deliver a safe and learning-focussed environment by managing the e-learning resources available to students. Classwize empowers teachers to drive better learning outcomes by enabling them to override school filtering to block or allow access to resources, as required for their specific lessons.

The Linewize ecosystem is designed to meet the challenge of today's connected learning environments, supporting the integration of technology, education and engagement to create cyber safe communities where students thrive.

To learn how Linewize can help you positively guide your students online, book a meeting or email sales@linewize.io

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