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News about our name
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For Personal Mobile Devices

Supporting flexible learning and promoting safe and moderated use of technology

Extend duty of care on all devices during school time

Ensure school acceptable use policy is in place on personal mobile devices during school time

Support parenting needs to be in contact

A workable personal devices policy sensitive to the needs of your parent community

Transform student behaviour

Reduce distractions and encourage positive behaviour at school

Encourage parental engagement in cyber safety

Mandating Linewize on personal mobiles encourages parents to engage with their child’s cyber safety

Flexibility to support privacy and parent choices

Linewize services support parental choices relating to privacy, tracking and parental controls

Display cyber safety leadership

Send a powerful message to parents about online parenting responsibility after school

More than ever students are bringing personal mobile devices to school, with resultant distractions and risks well established.

Managing these exposures, but supporting flexible learning and promoting safe and moderated use of technology is a complex and important challenge.

Linewize lets schools incorporate all technology into learning experiences. We do so, ensuring personal devices are used in accordance with school policy and through offering parents world-leading parental control choices after school. And all the while respecting choice, privacy and student agency.


Practical approaches to deal with student personal mobile devices at school

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“The Linewize ecosystem is unique in providing a complete end-to-end solution for schools in terms of duty of care and educational outcomes, with the addition of community engagement and support.”

Yugon Chobanoff
IT Director, John XXIII College