March 11, 2024

What Student Digital Risks Can Your School Expect in 2024?

Helping Australian Schools Better Safeguard Students This Academic Year

October 20, 2023
Navigating harmful content online: A guide to managing children’s exposure to distressing content online

In light of current international events, young people may come into contact with distressing online content. This article has been written to help schools and parents protect and support their children.

May 23, 2023 Company Updates
News about our name

We have some exciting news to share about our name.

December 8, 2022 safer internet day
Safer Internet Day 2023 - Easy ways schools can get involved

Tuesday, 7th February 2023, is Safer Internet Day, an excellent opportunity for your school to educate, inspire and empower your students to be ethical and knowledgeable digital citizens. Check out these simple ways your school can get ...

November 22, 2022
School Holidays - 6 tips for healthier student digital habits

The holidays provide a welcome and well-earned break for both students and school staff. For some students, that free time might mean family road trips, long days at the beach, outdoor games, and healthy activities with their friends. But ...

October 7, 2022 teens on social media | self-harm | bullying | online gaming | mental health | suicide | Gaming | depression | at-risk students | School internet monitoring | wellbeing | cyberbullying | well-being | digital wellbeing | Social Media | digital safeguarding
World Mental Health Day 2022

The 10th of October marks World Mental Health Day, which aims to promote mental health and wellbeing as a global priority.

August 10, 2022
Eating Disorders in Independent Schools: Spotting the digital cues

Eating disorders can significantly impact a student's wellbeing and academic achievement. It is crucial that schools support parents in spotting any signs of children with a problem. This can be challenging. Digital safeguarding technology ...

August 10, 2022
Self-harm in Australian Independent Schools – Spotting signs of risk

Self-harm has become a significant problem, with rates among children showing a worrying trend. The Growing up in Australia study, conducted in partnership with three Australian Government departments, has found that around one in three ...

August 10, 2022
Digital Safeguarding Technology in Independent Schools: Helping maintain academic excellence

Implementing an effective digital safeguarding technology system within your school can transform academic performance and student outcomes.

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