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A School's Guide to Filter Avoidance

This guide explores why students attempt to bypass school network filtering, how to identify when it’s happening and ways schools can respond.

Want to know how students circumvent your filters? 

A School's Guide to

Filter Avoidance

Having a filtered network at school not only serves as a form of safety for students when online but also helps to ensure the internet remains a powerful tool for learning, rather than a gateway to distraction. For young students, the lure of social media, gaming, and other forms of online entertainment is strong and can lead to efforts to bypass these filters to gain access to distracting or unsafe content.

What this guide covers:

  1. Mobile data and hotspotting
  2. VPN's
  3. Reasons for filter avoidance and why its a problem for schools
  4. Practical steps schools can take to respond to filter avoidance. 

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