Mobile Zone for Parents

Recommendations for Remote Learning

MOBILE_ICON-1 Mobile Zone for Parents

We want to help relieve pressure on parents during this period by ensuring students are safe online and focused on their learning during school hours. And with children at home during school time, it’s likely that your parents will need to be more flexible about screen-time but without compromising on their online safety.

Below are some videos that show your parents how to update the most common settings to help get families ready for remote learning;

Parents can access all their child’s device settings via their Family Zone account at -

Do your parents want to protect their child's other devices?

For parents with a Family Zone Family Pack, protection can be added to all devices used in the home, such as; laptops, tablets or mobile phones. To see how to install Family Zone on different devices, click on the relevant type below:

Do your parents need help or support?

If your school community has any questions or need support, please instruct them to email, or call

Australia - 1300 398 326
New Zealand - 0800 444 907

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